The Lineage Of Seth

Beginning with Genesis 5:1, the family tree of Seth, Adam and Eve’s third son, is chronicled. This family tree is intended to show a direct lineage of Noah from Adam and Eve and is detailed enough to be usable as a timeline. After the birth of Seth, Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters that are not listed.

Continuing, Seth fathered E’nos; E’nos fathered Ca-i’nan; Ca-i’nan fathered Ma-hal’-a-leel; Ma-hal’-a-leel fathered Jar’ed; Jar’ed fathered Enoch; and Enoch fathered Methuselah. It is interesting to note that Methuselah was about one hundred eighty years old when Adam died. They would certainly have known each other. Then, Methuselah fathered La’mech a few years after Adam died. La’mech fathered Noah. La’mech’s wife is un-named. Finally, Noah and his unnamed wife had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Ja’-pheth. Noah’s three sons had un-named wives but had no children until after the flood event to come.

Methuselah died shortly before the upcoming flood event and had known all the generations of descendants of Adam and Eve.

Some biblical “literalists” claim that this chronology is somehow out of order. They change the order to explain the existence of Cain’s wife. Those would-be literalists do not readily accept the literal order of the stated lineages. While the contorted order of lineage tells little, the literal order shows that other beings existed in addition to the Adam and Eve bloodline. The literal wording, and order, should be assumed correct.

Except for Eve, Na’-a-mah, Adah, and Zillah were the only female names listed in the two family trees. One should assume they had done things worthy of mention. It is also possible that they themselves were of the bloodline of Adam and Eve and had proper birth names, while other women were from the separate but intermingled Homines sapientes population, and had no proper names. Adam and Eve named their children for God. Noah’s wife was not mentioned by name; nor were Noah’s sons’ wives. This may indicate they were not of the Adam and Eve bloodline.

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