The “bring forth” phrase

The “bring forth” phrase
Let the waters “bring forth,” and let the earth “bring forth” are phrases used in the creation story to describe where the several categories of life came from. This is not just an odd way of speaking in the ancient Hebrew or in the old English translations. This phrase says that life would be brought forward, or advanced, by either its earth dwelling existence, or by its water dwelling existence. What else could it mean if not that?

“Bring forth” is not about population increase. To command a population increase, a species is instructed to be “fruitful and multiply.” Instead, the “bring forth” command is about advancement.

Clearly, if life is being “brought forth,” or is advancing, then it is changing. To suggest otherwise might irrationally imply that life was at first hidden, and then simply stepped out of hiding into plain view. Although that may work for mammals, it is unreasonable for plant life.

To the evolutionist, advancing life is already a familiar concept since the Paleozoic era yielded up, after extinctions, seed bearing vegetation that had made its advancements primarily on earth. The Mesozoic era, known for its dinosaurs, yielded up, after extinctions, fish, and birds that had made their advancements primarily in the waters. Finally, the Cenozoic era yielded up mammals and many reptiles that had advanced primarily on earth. The three groupings of life are still advancing. The groupings and order of life from science, after each era’s extinctions, is the same as that from the biblical creation story.

Where the evolution of Earth is concerned, modern science has replicated the biblical creation story with verifiable discovery.

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