Another word that is often misunderstood is the word “soul.” The word soul is often used in conversations about creation. It is often used to set humans apart from all other animals even though, biblically, God made all animals. People often attach mystical meanings to words in the Bible. The word soul is perhaps one such word but to the ancients, the words in the Bible were commonplace.

People are said to have a soul. Biblically, all animals have souls. It is that sense of being every animal has. The Bible speaks of the soul of a dove and the souls of other animals. Therefore, monkeys, cats, rats, and dogs have souls, as do people. A soul is not unique to humans although humans have the strongest sense of being and supposedly the highest-level soul of any animal. In fact, a human’s “sense of being” is many times higher than all other animals. Perhaps only people’s souls have the potential for life eternal as per the Bible.

Although the above description seems simple enough, one’s innate sense of being is the least understood aspect of life. One’s sense of being, or ones soul, includes intangibles such as feelings of happiness, sadness, kindness, cruelty, jealousy, greed, compassion, guilt, remorse, worry, love, and hate. The intangibles are often opposites and their relative proportions tend to constitute one’s feelings of self-pity or self-worth and one’s general state of mental health.

Many in fields related to the human psyche claim one’s “sense of being” can never be understood, yet we exhibit those intangible traits at birth. We are born with a soul- whatever a soul is.

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