Sinkholes and Aquifer Depletion

Sinkholes and Aquifer Depletion

Often there are reports of seriously depleted freshwater levels in vast underground aquifers. The water is pumped out faster than seepage can replenish it. The depletions open up empty cavities below ground. Unlike full cavities, the empty cavities allow rainwater to rush in from the surface. The rapid flow of water into the empty cavities erodes the cavities’ ceilings and undermines the land above causing sinkholes. A full aquifer does not support the ground above, but instead it minimizes erosion and slows the progression of sinkhole formation. Sinkholes are becoming commonplace. Water conservation in those areas should be a priority.  In some circles, sinkholes are hints of the cause of Noah’s flood- unrealistically.

It is reasonable to assume that virtually every gallon of water depleted from every aquifer has directly contributed to global sea level rise. Again the complexity of “global warming” issues has increased. Corn grown to produce alcohol for fuel is responsible for its share of aquifer depletion, sinkholes, and for its share of sea level increase.

Remaining questions from the geology of Earth include why does Earth’s magnetic field reverse periodically and how much heat is generated internally by friction and by nuclear decomposition. Is it possible the pressures and temperatures internal to Earth actually create the nuclear materials?


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