Satellite Imaging

Satellite Imaging

Is satellite imaging accurate enough for global temperature measurements? Satellites have only been available in recent decades, but even with satellite imaging, periodic variations and their causes must be understood. Other questions arise even as to a satellite’s imaging accuracy.

Satellites infer temperature. No comparison between modern satellite data and older forms of measurement is valid- they do not measure the same thing. Satellites, by detecting bandwidth emissions through the atmosphere, measure an average between surface temperature and atmospheric temperature while land based weather station temperature probes measure temperature at Earth’s surface only. Satellite temperature measurements are like

measuring a person’s temperature from the other side of a large room. Even for small regions on the globe, satellite measurements by necessity should be calibrated continuously by surface measurements. How could the satellite measurements be more accurate than the surface measurements?

Since the supposed change in temperature is small, if within all the vastness, a temperature measurement accuracy of plus or minus half a degree is within reason for both past and current measurements, equally valid cases for both global warming and an eminent ice age can be made using the same temperature measurement data.

Many invalid ideas have arisen due to the use of a greenhouse analogy. Everyone knows how hot their car gets with windows closed in the sunshine even if they have never been in a greenhouse. Can this happen to Earth?


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