Noah’s Flood


Chapter 1: the introduction

1.1 The end result of this book.

1.2 Is the Bible common mythology?

Chapter 2: the descendants of Adam and Eve

2.1 Where did Cain’s wife come from?

2.2 The lineage of Cain.

2.3 The lineage of Seth.

Chapter 3: Noah’s flood (Noah’s Ark)

3.1 Noah’s flood story evidence.

3.2 Noah’s ship design.

3.3 Noah’s shipyard.

3.4 The ship’s construction.

3.5 Launching a ship.

3.6 Biblically discernible data on the cause of the flood.

3.7 The site of Noah’s shipyard.

3.8 More data from the flood story.

3.9 An impression of Noah’s ship or an anomaly?

3.10 How did a ship-shaped object land 2000 meters above sea level in Turkey?

3.11 The rainbow as data.

3.12 A Noah’s flood hypothesis.

3.13 Why not Noah’s cave?

3.14 Bottle neck in human development.

3.15 Age difference of humans after the flood.

3.16 Evidence in the Americas of a Homo sapiens population bottleneck.

3.17 Is there a God?

3.18 The world’s problems solved?


Appendix A: Another of the many contributions to archaeology made by Dr. William H. Shea.

Appendix B: Atmospheric Considerations.

Appendix C: The unspecific meaning of water in Genesis.


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