Modern Religion/Science

Those who are anti science should consider that God creates any way he pleases. Loving and cherishing a belief is not a factor in whether or not it is of the Truth.

Wisely, some who preach avoid the topics of Genesis but hold it in quiet reserve as the truth. They avoid the controversies of Genesis but correctly council caution against doubting its validity. They have found that many who practice rational reason throughout the week refuse their continued attendance at churches known to uphold irrational beliefs. Other would be church goers have given up all spiritual beliefs over modern mythology; they have become casual atheists over unsubstantiated religious beliefs.

It will be interesting to see if preachers will risk taking a reasonable and rational stand on Noah’s flood aimed at winning back those that are lost. Nothing about Noah’s flood or Genesis is illogical, irrational, or mythological. Instead, all too often, religion is illogical, irrational, and mythological.

If one is to understand Genesis Chapters 1 through 11, a look beyond common religious tradition is essential. After a look with open eyes, Genesis becomes perfectly understandable and becomes perfectly and precisely true. For those that do not reject science, Genesis is perhaps the most provable book in the Bible; wouldn’t that be a world changer!

Does a concept of humans separate from Adam and Eve somehow reduce God’s authority over creation? Biblically, God made the other beings as well and they were nearly identical to Adam and Eve genetically. God allowed the earth to bring them forth, or stated more clearly, instead of handmade, they were more a result of life’s natural processes- processes that were designed by God or were designed under God’s authority.

Biblically, we are all said to be descendants of Adam. Noah was a descendent of Adam and we are all descendants of Noah. After the biblical flood only the descendants of Noah remained and all descendants of Noah are descendants of Adam. All other bloodlines were eliminated. Except perhaps for the wife of Noah, and perhaps the wives of Noah’s sons, all other ancient humans were gone. Before Noah‘s flood, there were many non-descendants of Adam (from Gen 6:1).

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