Key Science

Key science
Since they pertain to this writing, a few major theories and branches of science deserve some discussion. These topics are from the vast body of science and are those commonly bandied about by religion. Although these topics have great technical depth, only brief overviews are offered and for good reasons.

It is all too easy to become lost in the details of science- all too easy for one to become blinded by expertise at the expense of a succinct “big picture.” Science’s “big picture” is of very high resolution, and an occasional view a few steps away from the screen is both helpful and warranted. Moreover, as per the upcoming comparison, the biblical creation story is itself a very succinct “big picture” of the evolution of Earth and proves perfectly similar to science’s “big picture” without violating the high resolution details of science. In addition, no one knows all the details of known science, this author certainly included!

The science mentioned is the result of incredible investigative work into the mysteries of our past or biblically, into the mysteries of God. It represents investigations into our beginnings conducted by many scientists seeking the truth. Many lifetimes over many centuries are invested in this knowledge. The science presented represents some of humanity’s finest achievements.

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