Chapter 10: The Description of Life in the Creation Story

Chapter 10: The Description of Life in the Creation Story

Coming up is the second part of “day 3” and the first mention of life in this creation story. The description of life is as one should expect- it makes perfect sense! Instead of first life, the creation story is about completed life. It is about life that has survived extinctions. The creation story proves to be evidence for extinctions and for evolution.

With the achievements of science, we are now better able to understand the progression of life. The assignment of life in the chronology of Figure D shows the creation days attached to surviving or completed life- life that has advanced enough to be after its kind. Clearly, from science, the order of extinction surviving life is seed bearing vegetation, followed by sea life and birds, and then mammal life. This order agrees, and in detail, with the biblical creation story. The creation story “days” reflect only that which was allowed to survive until modern times.

From science, we know that all life had likely begun at the bacterial level and had developed as best described by evolution. The evolution of life is completely supported by all of geology, biology, paleontology, and science in general. Evolution is completely supported by the Bible as well.

Clearly, the Bible does not mention all that was created. Instead, the Bible only mentions completions visibly significant to humanity, and then only lumped together in three major categories; lumped together in ways strikingly similar and even identical to science’s groupings of life. Moreover, there is no biblical mention of life’s beginnings but only of high-level life’s completion. Clearly microbial life exists now and existed anciently, equally clearly, the biblically mentioned high-level life had to have earlier life to survive.

After life had established a foothold on the planet, it had been tempered, culled, and tailored to produce that life listed in the biblical chronology- life that survives today. There is still much to discover about the evolution of life. Having and understanding a witnessed biblical account of Earth’s early history will intensify future discovery.

Since creation story connections to a modern wealth of scientific discovery are avoided, fossilized ancient life is wrongly thought to be a result of Noah’s flood. A distorted Noah’s flood has become an explanation for everything ancient.

Others have suggested that Satan initially ruled and created Earth’s ancient life, but six or seven thousand years ago, God destroyed all that Satan had created- a sort of reboot for all of life. However, biblically, God created everything that exists, and Satan, the great deceiver, only gets credit for creating the distortions that are prevalent in the human mind including the many distortions in both ancient and modern religion.

To those faithful to religion, scientific ages are mere blaspheme, except of course when scientific ages are useful to promote other religious imaginings. For instance, to prove the Noah story true, without hesitation they would have science carbon-date a piece of wood from Mt. Ararat. However, if the wood dates incorrectly, they fall back on a denial of the accuracy of science’s dating methods. As long as science supports religion, it is acceptable, but science always meets resistance if contrary to religion. Religion, even when based on speculation, is always reluctant to change.

10.1 What does evolution tell us about the creation of life?

Although getting close, science has yet to produce life. Evolution does not cover the creation of life. The means of producing life in even its simplest forms from chemical elements is undiscovered. Mechanisms that promote rapid change are not understood. Reproduction and heredity are proving very illusive as well. Maximum information available about producing life is that God did it. Yet, that answer is devoid of the technical detail science seeks. The only available technical detail about life is evolutionary science and is embedded in biology, geology, and chemistry.

Eventually life’s secrets will be discovered in a laboratory, but then the discovery will beg the question “How could it all have happened in a hostile environment and without the aid of intelligent scientists, modern technology, and intelligently designed equipment?” The research will continue.

The details of creating life must be trivial to God. While it may diminish some modern religions, our knowledge of these details could not possibly diminish God. Once humankind attains this detail, it will again revolutionize the health and quality of life for everyone. Although there will be new challenges, with the added detail will come the end of most known diseases. We should all hope for, and look forward to, this discovery. As was the case with Mr. Darwin, the scientist who has that epiphany will likely live a life of infamy in religious circles- unless of course religion changes. Biblically, we should all look forward to this gift of knowledge from God and his Comforter since it will bring humanity a few steps closer to what was once a Garden of Eden existence.

Now, back to the sequential creation story and back to its first mention of life.

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