Chapter 9: Creation Day 3 – The Division of Seas and Land

Chapter 9: the division of seas and land; the first part of creation day three.

Gen 1:9 And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

The view presented to Moses on this, the first part of “day 3,” was of solid granite landmasses above much calmer seas. This scene was about the appearance of land above the sea since there was already seawater.

God spoke twice on this day, each time to introduce one of the two scenes. This is the first of two scenes viewed by Moses on this day. The second is about the completion of seed bearing vegetation. Scientifically, over two billion years separated the two views. One real time view would not work for day three. The conveyance of this creation story to Moses was clearly planned around the seven day week since part two of this day could have been a separate day making an eight day week.

The expression using “let the…“has again been used indicating an ongoing process. Allow the, or “Let the…” newly visible landmasses remain.

This first part of “day 3” was a view from about 2500 million years ago or at the end of the Archean Eon.

9.1 The continents are forming.

Continent formation had been a very long-term process but had eventually exposed stable landmasses and had created deep seas. At about 3800 million years ago, granite began forming and stayed formed. Conditions had been suitable for the creation of granite landmasses ever since water had begun re-condensing on the previously molten Earth. Once covered by seawater, meteors pushed water deep below Earth’s crust facilitating the formation of granite. It took several hundred million years for granite to catch up with the accumulated seawater and show up above sea level.

Late in the Archean Eon, small landmasses were typical. Every several hundred million years, collisions had formed supercontinents that would later break apart. The cyclic collisions are essential to a healthy Earth.

Gen 1:10 And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.

Upon God’s inspection (God the CEO), the dry land was found to be good, and was allowed to exist.

The land that exists today was part of the earliest formations of granite-based land although now contorted and altered by collisions resulting from continental drift. Landmasses are still drifting and changing as they had changed in the past. Simply stated, they float and drift in what is molten lava. Contrary to the conveyances of some who hold rigidly to their creation science, the continents have never floated on water. Granite floats atop heavier liquid lava just as ice floats atop heavier liquid water.

Note: there continues to be no difference between modern science and the biblical creation story.

Please see Figure D for the first part of “day 3’s” assignment in the scientific chronology, and Figure 2c, which illustrates in a simple fashion, the view that Moses saw at this time.

The evolution of life had long since begun and would ultimately result in three major categories of life: seed bearing land dwelling plant life; sea dwelling animal life that spilled over to a land dwelling existence as reptiles and birds; and land dwelling mammalian life some of which will spill back over to the sea.

Figure 2C Diagram Illustrating the Changes Described in Genesis 1.9 Day 3

Figure 2C Diagram Illustrating the Changes Described in Genesis 1.9 Day 3

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